C63 AMG 10,000 Mile Update and Review

Just like that, we’ve put 10,000 miles on our 09 C63 AMG, and needless to say, it’s been a wonderful car to own thus far.

The last 10,000 miles has really been predominantly used for daily driving activities, but also some weekend events like meets or drives up in the canyons.

With more and more cars succumbing to emissions restrictions or going the smaller engine/turbo route, we really appreciate the 6.2L V8 engine that AMG has built.

Not once in the last 10,000 miles has our car had any type of issues, meaning no Check Engine Lights, no weird electrical issues, and no malfunctioning of any sort.

However, if there is one complaint, it would honestly just be the fuel efficiency. With so much daily usage, we are averaging 16 MPG at best in most situations.

Did we mention the noise?

With a secondary cat delete and tune, our C63 has really woken up from an audible stand point.

While the stock C63 is known for its glorious V8 symphony, a de-catted C63 is on a whole another level.

Best of all, there are no Check Engine Lights, and its as quiet as stock when you are normal driving, and it’s loud when you want it to be.

Truly an exhaust that can be controlled with your right foot. Check out the sound clip below.

What’s next?

Well… we are approaching 60,000 miles and while that’s not a lot per se because these cars can last for way over 150,000 miles if maintained, we know the buying market will shrink considerably.

So our goal is to list this car for sale as soon as possible and try to find the right buyer.

Stay tuned to find out what happens…