Our C63 AMG is SOLD – See True Cost of Ownership

After a year with our 2009 C63 AMG, it has come time for us to reluctantly sell this wonderful car and it has gone to a new home to a lucky buyer.

However, if you read in our introductory post with the car, our initial plan was always to keep the car for about a year or so while the car was under warranty.

In roughly 12 months, we added 16,000 miles to the car and sold it with 64,000 on the odometer. It’s safe to say we definitely enjoyed this car.

Ownership Experience

There’s not much to say about this car that hasn’t been said. But most reports of what you read about the C63 AMG tend to hold true.

It’s not the best looking car.

It’s far from the best handling car.

It sucks on gas mileage and routinely does less than 15 MPG.

But we loved every minute with it.

There is just something about the 6.2L V8 motor that makes this car special.

For us, it was the combination of the sound, the torque, the power, and the way the car drove. It honestly felt like a German muscle car.

If there was a weak point, however, it would definitely have to be the 7-speed 7G-Tronic transmission which is nothing more than an automatic transmission.

While we know it has limitations, the slow shifting made using M mode pretty useless. A dual clutch transmission would have made this car perfect.


Overall, our C63 was genuinely reliable and just needed basic maintenance of oil change and brake pads. Luckily for us, tires were still good and never needed to be replaced.

Since we are DIY guys, 12 quarts of Mobil 1 oil only costs about $100 (x2), oil filter was $25 (x2), and Porterfield brake pads were $450 for all four corners. The rotors did not need replacing.

Outside of those two items, no other maintenance was needed which speaks volumes about the cars’ reliability, which breaks many myths about Mercedes being ‘problematic.’

If we were to keep the car longer, then definitely rotors and tires would have been next in line, on top of the 60,000 comprehensive service.

Also the extended warranty gave us great peace of mind in case of major repair costs, but luckily we never ventured down that path.

It’s also important to note that the warranty is, in fact, transferable and a great selling point, even if it’s due for expire soon. The next owner can extend the warranty if he desires.

Cost of Ownership

Well how much did our C63 AMG truly cost us?

We did perform some minor modifications that costs us less than $1,000 all-in so we won’t include that in the cost breakdown.

Since our maintenance was so minuscule we decided not to include it either. But if you care, you could factor in about another $1,000 in expenses.

Purchase price: $35,700

Sales tax (5% est): $1,800

Extended warranty: $1,700

Sold price: $33,000

Cost of ownership: $6,200 over 12 months OR $517 per month.

All in all, it costs us roughly $6,200 to own a C63 AMG for a year where we put on 16,000 miles.

Final Verdict

We stand by what we say and believe theres no better luxury sports sedan on the market.

Luckily we live in a golden era where there’s an option for literally everyone with the BMW M3 and Lexus ISF coming in as strong contenders.

But for us, the C63 AMG hit the mark just right for us and we are sad to see it go, but glad it served us well.