We Tune and Dyno Our C63 AMG (Before/After Results)

Since Eurocharged has been running their specials recently on their V4 ECU tune, we decided to bite the bullet and purchase their ECU tune for our 2009 C63 AMG.

The ONLY mod we’ve done so far is secondary cat delete to get more of the V8 grunt out of the exhaust. It’s a cheap mod that is a MUST.

Since we’ve never been able to find a true before/after dyno chart of the gains from an Eurocharged ECU tune, we headed over to European Auto Source to get a baseline dyno and then immediately after with the Eurocharged tune applied.

Essentially it was a true dyno comparison with same conditions. No random variables.

Our C63 put down ~350 wheel horsepower STOCK with ONLY a secondary cat delete and then put down ~410 wheel horsepower immediately after.

Needless to say we were impressed with the 60 wheel horsepower gain, especially since its across the entire powerband.

With a 22% drivetrain loss, our C63 AMG is now making 525 CRANK horsepower.

While dyno tunes are only talk about numbers, let’s talk about the drivability of the car.

Honestly it feels very similar to stock in a good way, meaning that the car doesn’t experience impairment in driveability. So no random jerkiness or odd behavior.

Where our stock C63 usually felt like it loses up top, it now continues to pull hard all the way to redline.

S and M mode are fantastic and our butt-dyno could be playing games with us, but we think it shifts faster too.

All in all, is it worth it?

For less than $750, there is no better bang for your buck for your C63 AMG. Check out the video below for our dyno run.